Hello, I'm Hiemanshu Sharma

I'm a full-stack web developer.
Building progressive tech for digital activisim.

About Me

I'm Hiemanshu Sharma, a full stack web developer and consultant from Bangalore, India.

I've been building and working on software for over 14 years now. Starting out as an Open Source Contributor for Fedora, to building phones from scratch, and now mobile and web development. I've been through the different worlds learning how to work with constraints and build useable, beautiful, and sustainable products. Over the last few years I've worked with different Digital Grassroots Campaigning Organisations around the world helping them build, deploy, and support Progressive Campaigning and Organising Tech, Tech that has helped bring social change.

What I do


Building tech is an important path and defining the right goals, building the right thing, and with the right assumptions another.
I have experience defining and adopting the processes the team needs to help them build the right things, and build them the right way.


I have built, maintained, and launched multiple products from scratch, working on the complete cycle of development, including architecting, designing, deployment strategies.
My toolset includes Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, React, Docker, and other technologies related to Server and Database Management.


I love jumping into projects that need temporary capacity, helping debug scaling issues, and other developer support.
Discovering bottlenecks and rewriting some parts of the functionality in a language more suited to the use case is always a fun challenge.


Coaching other developers and managers to help them learn and define processes, upskill their team, and crack optimal usage patterns.
Not limited to just product building, I have also coached Tech Directors, and Project Managers on how to budget, roadmap, scale, and improve productivity.

Recent Work



Identity is a fully integrated blaster with multiple add-ons. Identity is a member data warehouse, with top notch segmentation and a/b/x testing built right in.


Spoke is an open source text-distribution tool for organizations to mobilize supporters and members into action. Spoke is maintained by MoveOn.org


DoPaisa is a payments processing microservice backend, letting you build the frontend! It handles recurring, has one click payments support, and a lot more.


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